Best Baby Nail Clippers for Squirmy Babies

A comprehensive list of the best baby nail clippers for squirmy babies based on price, customer rating and quality as reviewed by experienced parents.

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Are you dealing with an overactive or squirmy baby who just can’t stay still? Or are you just intending to perform some much-needed TLC for your baby’s nails? Scratches on your baby’s face are often the easiest indicator that your baby’s nails need to be trimmed. Babies lack the necessary control over their arm movements which leads to them scratching their face or even worse, the eye. Now that’s an emergency room visit you definitely want to avoid.

Cutting baby nails can often be a ‘nail-biting’ experience for first time parents. Baby nails are so tiny and tender that adult nail clippers would end up cutting into their fingertips or cause other unintended damage. With the proper baby nail clippers, you can have one less thing to fret about and instead focus on enjoying some quality time with your baby.

Types of Baby Nail Clippers

There are so many baby nail clipper options out in the market that its better to know what’s are the different types before making a purchase. The main types of baby nail clippers are

  • Scissors: These are mini-sized versions of your basic craft or kitchen scissors which make them easy to operate around your baby’s tender finger nails. Most often their blades are not as sharp as a traditional scissors which is a good thing when you have a squirmy baby.
  • Nail Clippers: Ironically, baby nail clippers are often bigger than your regular nail clippers. They may have a bulbous end and come with additional features like an in-built light or magnifying glass to help you make precise cuts.
  • Electric Nail Trimmers: Electric nail trimmers are the preferred item of choice for first time parents. These are basically electric nail filers and often come with a variety of attachments.

Best Baby Nail Clippers

Baby nails grow at an alarming pace and may require clipping every 7-10 days. I’ve prepared the ultimate list of best baby nail clippers for squirmy babies. These nail clippers are what experienced parents highly recommend based on quality of product, ease of use and just general overall satisfaction.

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  1. Safety 1st Nail Clippers with LED light – These clippers are great for clipping nails in the dark or in low light conditions. The built in LED light provides additional light that focuses directly on the fingernail. The product also comes with a nail file which you can use to file any rough edges.
  2. NailFrida Snipper Clipper Set – The best feature of the clippers is the little spy hole which allows you to see exactly what you’re clipping. The overlapping blades are also great at clipping nails quietly which is a big bonus especially if you’ve just spent 30 mins putting your baby to bed.
  3. FridaBaby Easy Grip Nail Scissors – The cutest pair of scissors that can also do work quite efficiently. It has curved blade tips which make it really easy to clip those tiny baby nails. On top of that, it comes with a safety case.
  4. Red Cross Clippers with Magnifiers – Don’t be fooled by the basic looks of these nail clippers. For less than $4, it comes with magnifiers that let you magnify up to 4x and get a precise cut on your baby’s nails.
  5. Papa Bear Baby Nail Care Kit – This set comes in a cute bear shaped kit and contains baby nail clippers, scissors, nail file and tweezers.
  6. Little Martins Nail Grooming Kit – This electric nail file sets come with cushioned sandpapers safe for babies and children. It also has three speed settings which let you control and safely file without damaging cuticles.
  7. Yiveko Baby Nail Kit – A definite crowd favorite among parents, new and experienced. This nail kit comes in multiple colors and contains clippers, scissors, tweezers and a nail file.
  8. Safety 1st Fold Up Nail Clippers – A favorite among hospital nurses, it has an easy grip and stainless-steel blades which make for safe but effective nail clipping.
  9. Piyo Piyo Nail Clippers – These clippers look just as cute as they sound. The ergonomic design protects both baby and you from accidental cuts and nicks.
  10. Haakaa Electric Nail Trimmer – Innovation in a small kit is essentially what defines this product. It is an electric nail filer that comes with four different varieties of sandpaper grit and also has a light that comes on when the trimmer is switched on.

Tips for Newborn Nail Care

Cutting baby nails isn’t an easy task. Therefore, please consider these general tips to keep your baby’s nails short and their face scratch free.

  • Trim early and as often as possible. It’s good practice to help your baby get used to the process so that they’re well accustomed to it as they get older.
  • Keep your baby stable and well supported. The last things you want is for them to be sliding ever so slowly while you’re cutting their nails. It is a good idea to enlist some support from other adults, if available.
  • Don’t bite their nails. You could cause infections if you end up biting their skin especially if you have poor oral hygiene.
  • Use baby nail clippers. Adult nail clippers have sharper blades and are not fit for use on a baby’s nails.
  • Clean after clipping. Gently wash your baby’s fingertips with a soft cloth or brush under warm water. This helps remove any small clippings that they could ingest by mistake.
  • Lighting is key. You want to clip nails in a well-lit area so that you have good visibility into what you’re cutting.
  • Cut when they’re least active. The best time to cut baby nails is when they’re drowsy post a feeding or asleep. This makes your job a lot less daunting.

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