Best Camo Diaper Bags for Dads

Now before you say it – Yes, dads also need a diaper bag. Diaper bags may have been historically marketed just for moms, but today it’s more common to see unisex or masculine oriented options.

camo diaper bags for outdoorsy dads

An essential item for any parent, having a functional diaper bag (not to mention one you like) can make it easier to take charge of diaper changes, feedings, and other tasks related to caring for your kiddo.

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Types of Diaper Bags

Diaper bags come in several design options today – a backpack-style diaper bag, a messenger bag, or a tote bag with a more neutral color scheme or design. Each design has its own merits which makes picking the right one a tough and important decision.

Here are some factors to consider about each diaper bag design

Backpack Bags – The most versatile design of diaper bags, backpack style bags are easy to carry and some models offer great back support, if you’re a taller individual. You also now have both hands free to push the stroller or hold knick-knacks while out and about. A small minus point is that they usually tend to take a lot more space in a stroller cubby.

Messenger Bags – My least favorite option. Although they do allow you to have your hands free, I find that they don’t offer much back support. To top that, all the load is off to one side which tends to hurt your posture especially on long day trips like the zoo or Disneyland.

Tote Bags – These tend to come mostly with kid-centric designs and allow for ample storage. I also found that they’re easier to stow in the stroller cubby but are definitely not great to carry around all day.

Best Camo Diaper Bags for Dads

DBTAC Large Diaper Bag

The DBTAC Large Diaper Bag comes with a generous number of compartments which make packing for your baby an easy experience. There are insulated compartments for milk bottles, a separate mesh enclosure for diapers, mobile phone pouch, sunglass pouch, stroller straps and that’s not even the entire list!

This camo diaper bag can also be easily converted to be your computer/hiking bag (fits 13″ Laptop or 2L Hydration Bladder), travel bag, or any other regular backpack.

T.O.M Horizons Diaper Bag

Designed by a veteran, The T.O.M Horizons bag comes with an astounding 19 compartments which includes a hidden money pocket and some bonus freebies like a credit card multi tool and two carabiners.

To top that, the bag is washable and waterproof. Most parents love the sturdiness and extremely functional design of this diaper bag.

Active Doodie Diaper Bag

The only thing funny about the Active Doodie Diaper Bag is its name. The rest is pretty serious business. This bag is designed with dads in mind right from the removable patches and generous size to the 600D military grade material.

High Speed Daddy (HSD) Tactical Diaper Bag

The HSD diaper bags are made from military-grade material with several nifty pockets and a breathable mesh foam back padding for better airflow and comfort. Apart from the rugged styling, dads love that it opens all the way up so you can view the contents like a suitcase.

Tactical Baby Gear Diaper Bag

The big daddy of all dad diaper bags, the Tactical Baby Gear or fondly known as the TBG bag comes with its own built in changing mat with a neat target line so that your baby’s diapers are spot on target.

It is also made with heavy-duty YKK zippers and a 600D tactical polyester construction for next-level performance in demanding scenarios.

Dinictis 40L Diaper Bag

Parents love the generous sized compartments and versatility of this bag. It is one of the rare designs that opens up like a suitcase which means you don’t have to go rummaging for stuff whenever you need something. Another great feature is the rubber feet which allows it to stand on its own without any support.

Limhoo Camo Diaper Tote Bag

The new kid on the block, the Limhoo Diaper Tote Bag is sort of famous for the different print styles it comes in. This bag is more suited for a short trips and doesn’t hold a large number of items like the previous designs. It has storage for three baby bottles which you don’t find often.

FEWOFJ Camo Diaper Bag

A surprising ‘Amazon’s Choice’ diaper bag with an even more surprising brand name, the FEWOFJ camo diaper bag is a bit on the smaller side. It doesn’t come with a large number of compartments so I would use it for short trips. It is however a great value for the price.

Tactical Baby Gear Tote Diaper Bag

Another winner from the makers at Tactical Baby Gear, this tote style bag packs almost the same punch as its backpack version. A bit on the pricey side, it does come with several nifty features like military grade material, waterproof exterior, generous compartments and targeted mainly for dads.

Mokaloo Diaper Bag

What’s with the funny named brands becoming Amazon’s choice products? Seriously though, this bag is a great buy for the price. One parents noted they were able to fit 10 diapers, 5 onesies, 2 sleepers, a diaper changing pad, plenty of pacifiers and 2 baby bottles plus a wallet and some personal things in this diaper bag. Enough said!

This post is all about best camo diaper bags for dads. Hope you had fun reading my guide and happy shopping! To learn more about diapers bags, please continue reading.

Things to consider when buying a diaper bag

Choose a diaper bag that fits your needs, style, and budget and will make it easier for you to care for your child when on the go. Chances are that same diaper bag is probably going to be the one used for future kids too.

Consider the factors below when buying a diaper bag

  1. Size and capacity: Look for a bag with multiple compartments and pockets to keep items organized.
  2. Comfort and style: Consider your personal style preferences and choose a bag that reflects your taste. Look for a bag that is comfortable to carry for long periods, especially if you will be using it frequently.
  3. Durability: A diaper bag should be made of sturdy materials that can withstand frequent use, wear and tear, and spills. Look for bags made of high-quality fabrics or features like being waterproof or washable.
  4. Accessibility: Choose a bag with easy-to-use zippers or closures, so you can quickly access items when you need them.
  5. Features: Consider any additional features that may be important to you, such as stroller straps, changing pad, insulated bottle holders, or a waterproof compartment for wet clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dads need a diaper bag?

Yes, dads also need a diaper bag. Diaper bags are not just for moms, but they are an essential item for any parent who has a young child.

Are camouflaged prints overrated?

Camouflage prints have been popular in fashion for many years and can be found on a wide range of items. While they may have been associated with military or hunting gear, they are now more mainstream and often used for fashion purposes.

Which color camouflage is considered trendy or fashionable?

The most fashionable camouflage color can depend on current trends and personal style preferences. However, some popular colors for camouflage print combinations in recent years have been green & brown, grey & black, blue & white and lastly pink.

Hope you enjoyed my guide on best camo diaper bags for dads. Happy shopping!

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