Free Printable Potty Training Charts

Fast track your toddler’s potty training with this ultimate collection of free printable potty training charts for boys and girls, in PDF and JPG formats. Printable Potty Training charts are a great way for you to encourage enthusiasm in your toddler when it comes to potty training. Using potty training charts can make an otherwise stressful experience quite fun and engaging.

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Usually, a potty training chart is a printable document that has blocks for marking out how many times your child has peed or gone potty without any accidents.

As I mentioned in my 3 day potty training guide, letting your child mark out the small wins with either a marker or a sticker is a great way to gain their ‘buy in’ to the process. It gives them a sense of ownership vs feeing like they’re being pressured to do something.

How to Use Potty Charts

The most important step in using a potty chart is explaining the process to your toddler. Show and demonstrate to them each step of the process so that they realize that this is no just a game.

Let your toddler pick out the chart that they like. It could be their favorite cartoon character or any other theme. Once chosen, download the printable chart, print and laminate if desired. If you don’t have a printer, you should have access to free printing services at your local library.

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The next step is letting them pick out what type of stickers they would like to use. Stickers can get expensive so I like to buy them at the local dollar store or whenever they’re on clearance.

Keeping the chart in a position close to your toddler’s potty chair is another crucial step that I missed when I started potty training. It has to be easily accessible for them to fix their stickers every time they go pee or potty.

When your child finishes one of the steps, have them place a sticker. Once they complete all the steps, they get a reward of some sort. You can determine what the prize should be and however big or small it is.

Although this post is primarily about Free Printable Potty Training Charts, I have included some paid chart links as well due to reader interest.

Potty Training Kits

If you’re on a time crunch and just prefer purchasing something off Amazon, then the following options are better suited for you. Most of them are complete kits that usually come with a 4 week chart, sticker set or reusable magnets, reward certificate and flash cards.

  1. Dinosaur Potty Chart Kit by Cozy Greens
  2. Potty Training Chart with reusable magnets by Putska
  3. Unicorn Potty Chart Kit by Cozy Greens
  4. Dino-Star Potty Chart by Babebay
  5. Princess and Unicorn Design Kit by Athena Futures
  6. Putska Magnetic Potty Training Chart by Putska
  7. Unicorn Potty Training Chart by Cozy Greens
  8. Racer Design Potty Kits by Athena Futures
  9. Sea Life Potty Training Kit by Thobby
  10. Potty Princess Training Kit by Tickle and Main
  11. Dinosaur Potty Chart Kit by My Print Treasures
  12. Mermaid and Sea Theme Kit by Favorgear
  13. Baby Unicorn Potty Training Kit by Putska
  14. Stars Potty Training Kit by SpriteGru
  15. Animals Potty Training Kit by Babebay

Free Printable Potty Training Charts

If you have the time to make the printing and decorating of a potty chart with your kid, then this collection of free printable potty charts will do just what you need.

  1. Days of The Week Printable by Mom Trusted
  2. Rainbow Circles Printable by Rhiannon-Mairi
  3. Disney Frozen Potty Training Printable by Love Bugs and Postcards
  4. Keeping It Simple Printable by Italian Polish Momma
  5. Pee and Poo Chart by Making The World Cuter
  6. Woodland Animals Potty Training Chart by Mommy Suite
  7. I Did It! Potty Training Printable by Making Learning Fun
  8. Minnie Mouse Potty Training Printable by Richly Blessed Richardsons
  9. My Potty Chart by The Caterpillar Years
  10. Rocket Ship Printable by The Hip Baby
  11. Matryoshka Dolls Printable by The Hip Baby
  12. It’s Potty Time Success Chart by Potty Time
  13. DIY Potty Training Chart by DIY Inspired
  14. My Super Heroes Potty Training Chart by Dorky Doodles
  15. The 7 Day Customizable Printable by What To Expect
  16. Potty Party Printable by Wichita Mom
  17. The Make Your Own Printable Guide by German Pearls
  18. Racecar Driver Potty Training Printable by Not Quite Susie
  19. Skip To The Loo Potty Training Printable by Sally Lloyd-Jones
  20. Paw Patrol Potty Chart by Ellie Rose Party Designs
  21. Mickey Mouse Potty Chart by Ellie Rose Party Designs
  22. Baby Shark Potty Chart by Ellie Rose Party Designs
  23. Construction Vehicles Potty Chart by Fab Frugal Mama
  24. Birds Potty Chart by Fab Frugal Mama
  25. Blast Off Potty Adventure Chart by The Nerds Wife
  26. Anna and Elsa Potty Charts by Printablee
  27. Airplane Game Board by Learning Momma
  28. Cute Potty Chart Printable by A Mom’s Impression
  29. Potty Training Adventure Chart by MKC Kidz
  30. Straight to the point Potty Training Chart by Eat Sleep Love Repeat
  31. I Can Go Potty by The Incremental Mama
  32. My Potty Training Chart by Confidential Mommy Talks
  33. Unicorn and Rainbows Potty Chart by The Frugal Sisters
  34. Constructions Workers Potty Chart by The Frugal Sisters
  35. Princess Theme Potty Chart by TotSchooling
  36. Dinosaur Theme Potty Chart by TotSchooling
  37. Potty Training Chart Multipack by Happy and Blessed Home
  38. The Assorted Sticker Potty Chart by Nutmegaroo
  39. Toilet Paper and Poop Cartoon Chart by Mom Envy
  40. The Potty Passport by Sunny Day Family
  41. The Cute Bear Potty Chart by Darcy and Brian
  42. Potty Time Success by Freebie Finding Mom
  43. Let’s Potty Chart by The Garcia Diaries
  44. The Basic Chart by The Suburban Mom
  45. Disney Character Multipack by RewardsChart4Kids
  46. Hey Dugee Potty Chart by Penguin
  47. Potty Training Sticker Chart by Lifestyle with Leah
  48. Star Potty Chart by Spot Of Tea Designs
  49. The Balloons as a Prize Potty Chart by My Merry Messy Life
  50. What You See Is What You Get Potty Chart by Simple Mom Review
  51. Fill Boxes for Surprise Potty Chart by Simplistically Living
  52. Rainbow Poop Stars Potty Chart by Musings Of An Average Mom
  53. Pirate Boys and Girls Potty Chart by Happiness Is Homemade
  54. 11 Potty Charts Multipack by Let’s Craft Instead
  55. Milestone Potty Chart Multipack by Peejamas
  56. The Basic Colors Potty Chart by Good Life of a Housewife
  57. The Star Chart by Create In The Chaos
  58. The Anything Sticker Chart by Makes and Takes
  59. Sticker Circles Chart by Pjs and Paint
  60. Under The Sea Potty Chart by My Bored Toddler

Hope you enjoyed trying out the various potty training charts. Happy potty training!

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