How are you?

Hey Y’all! My name is Srikanth and I’m delighted you’re here!

I’m Srikanth. I started this blog in 2020 with the intent of posting recipes for other dads like me who were dealing with an extremely picky toddler having weight issues. It was stressful watching my son not like anything I cooked for him, no matter how imaginative I got with sneaking in the veggies.

Cooking wasn’t the only thing I was failing at then. I tried countless products and techniques to help with other aspects of parenting and have since been able to learn a lot.

If you’re a frustrated but motivated dad like I was, you’ve probably realized that a lot of existing content on the internet is predominantly mom focused. Hopefully you benefit from some of my tried and tested techniques. Happy Parenting!

P.S – This family picture is what we used for our 2020 holiday cards. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. If you’re a parent, you know what I mean ;p