13 Best Unique Middle Name Generators for Boys

Try these 13 best unique middle name generators for boys that puts the fun back in zeroing on your future child’s name. Parents often tend to honor family traditions or loved ones by incorporating them into their child’s middle name. However, if you’re feeling uninspired or looking for some new ideas, then these middle name generators are the ideal place to start.

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Middle Name Search Tips

As you embark on your search for middle names, remember that you don’t have to commit to what the name generators offer in the results. If you don’t like the spelling, try changing it to suit your preferences.

Balance all applicable cultures in mind when choosing a middle name for your boy or girl. For example, boys’ names in one culture may be quite common as a girl’s name in another culture. In some cases, the meanings of names may be totally different too.

Do some additional research into the name’s origin as well and always be mindful of what your final choice might look like when written in initials.

Middle Name Generators

Choose a middle name that your child would be proud to call their own. Some families tend to call their kids by the middle names. Whatever reason you have, hope these middle name generators take you closer to the finish line.

This post is all about middle name generators for boys and girls.

Baby Name Genie

The Baby Name Genie name generator can do a whole more than just generate middle names for boys and girls. All you have to do is enter the last name and gender of your future baby. It generates an endless list of names that would make your shortlist.

This name generator also has great forums section which allows you to interact with other community members and even lend a hand helping other parents in a bind.


The ProKerala name generator allows you to create scores of name combinations that match your preferences. Apart from the usual last name and baby gender preferences, parents can also choose the desired letter they want the name to start with.

My favorite feature is the Baby Name Combiner feature which gives you names that incorporate you and your spouse’s name.

Name Generator

Just the site made for parents who plan everything to the finest detail. I’ve never seen a name generator that asks you so many pertinent questions.

Most parents would be flabbergasted by the level of detail the generator goes through like people who had an impact in your life, mother’s maiden name, etc.

Name Berry

One of the most popular name generator sites on the web, the Baby Name DNA is their trademark feature that shows you name recommendations based on your Name DNA profile.

The quiz consists of two parts – each of which asks you to pick a favorite among two names. At the end of the quiz, you get an analysis of your name DNA profile and baby name recommendations.

Name Clouds

If you’re partial to name generators that have some social psychology built into them, then NameClouds is your answer. It is a tool that uses name prediction technology to predict your best fit for a baby name.

To use the name generator, you need to enter a name you like for a girl or boy. Then you can choose between various factors like name popularity, education factors, traditionality and even liberal vs conservative.

The tool even shows you meanings of the name and which states its more popular in. This tool does require a subscription fee but its features far outweigh the cost.


The popular stationery vendor even has an easy to middle name generator. All you need to do is fill out the last name and choose the name style you prefer.

You can then click through an endless list of suggestions for boys, girls and neutral names.

Name Generator Fun

This name generator has one of the most extensive options of name styles that a parent can choose from. Apart from the usual first and last name. you also get the option to choose whether the middle name starts or ends with a certain letter and also if it contains a word.

Cool Generator

The cool generator for middle names is the definition of simplicity. All you have to do is choose the gender and how many middle names to generate.

If you’re looking for quirky names, this site also has name generators for elf names, dragon names, fairy, superhero and even unicorn names. What a fun way to spend the afternoon!

Fantasy Name Generator

Looking for middle names that fits the Breton race of the Elder Scroll Games? The name generator apparently follows naming rules of the characters in the Elder Scroll games.

Although the fantasy names themselves are a bit eccentric, they could help inspire a unique middle name for your child. It would be a cool story to tell them later on. After all, my son is named after two Star Wars characters.

Random Baby Names

The random baby names middle name generators site for boys and girls provides an endless list of middle names. It truly doesn’t require much effort or input at all. Just generate a new name if you don’t like the one that came up in the result. 

It can’t get any simpler than that!

Random Lists

Want 200 middle names in a jiffy? Then Random Lists’s middle name generator is just the tool for you.

This easy name generator can help you when you’re feeling uninspired by any middle names.

I’ve used the site to quickly generate up to 200 names in a single click which you can copy over to Excel or Word and use to shortlist some names.

Mom Junction Name Generator

One of the best resources that combines a name combiner and middle names by origin, the Mom Junction Name Generator is a great tool to use.

You also have advanced options that let you choose a name according to number of letters, origin and even numerology.

Alex Davey

What makes a child who supposedly will love farmer’s market and Law & Order shows be called Zane? The Alex Davey name generator is certainly one of the most unique tools I’ve come across for generating hipster baby names.

Apart from choosing the usual girl or boy names, you also get to answer questions like your future child’s eating and sleeping habits. I was certainly surprised by the results.

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