15 Kids Classroom Exchange Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you’re a busy parent like me, the idea of a classroom exchange terrifies me. It’s tough enough getting your toddler ready for school everyday! Therefore, I’ve prepared this curated list of 15 Kids Classroom Exchange Valentine’s Day Ideas just for all you moms and dads that do not want to feel like a failure.

Image of boy walking on snow with valentines gift in hand.

I was pleasantly surprised at the haul of goodies my 1 year old brought from day care on his first Valentine’s Day classroom exchange. Apart from the usual heart shaped Dove candy; there was wonderful cards, all kinds of toys and even lovely books.


Most Popular: Heart Shaped Emoji Balls

“These heart shaped emoji balls were cute and so soft. They’re perfect for classroom Valentine’s gifts.”

Cutest Gift: Justice League Valentine’s Day Cards with mailbox

“This is super cute – my 7 yr old loved it. Easy to “assemble” as the box came folded. The cards and stickers were cute and very simple to separate without tearing. “

Best Under $25: Set of 32 Mini Bubble Wands

“These mini bubble wands are super! Just the right size and easy for kids to pop open without having to stick their fingers down in a plastic bottle, only to knock it over and spill everywhere; there is also a small hole on top of the wand so they can wear it as a necklace too.”

Valentine’s Day Ideas List

This post is all about 15 Kids Classroom Exchange Valentine’s Day Ideas

Image of a poster with white text and hand holding cut out hearts.

My curated list of ideas cover a variety of themes and are suitable for both boys and girls whether they go to school or are still in day care. Whether you want to start early or purchase it just a few days before, it will work in most cases.

1. Heart Shaped Smiley Stress Balls

red heart shaped smiley stress balls

These heart shaped smiley stress balls are great tactile toys for kids who love to squish things. It’s also great that they come in three different emoji designs.

Price: $25.99

2. Assorted Stationery Gift Set

assorted stationery gift set

This 28 pack of assorted stationery gifts is a great value at about a dollar per pack. It comes with pencils, erasers, stamps with different patterns and even a sticker sheet. What a lovely way for kids to do activities together!

Price: $29.95

3. Mini Bubble Wands

mini bubble wands in different colors

Bubble Wands! This gift comes as a pack of 32 wands in eight different colors. I’m positive your kid would be the new class favorite with this gift.

Price: $10.95

4. Play-Doh Modeling Clay Gifts

play doh modeling clay

Each bag comes with 15 one ounce cans of the Play-Doh modeling clay. They are all different colors so that the class can have a fun activity Please note that clay is a choking hazard and is not suitable for children below 3 years of age.

Price: $7.19

5. Foam Airplanes with Greeting Cards

foam airplanes with greeting cards

This 28 pack of foam airplanes with matching greeting cards and is suitable for both boys and girls. Every class teacher would be grateful for an activity that can get the kids outside. The manufacturer claims that these toys are non toxic and non BPA.

Price: $14.99

6. Scratch Off Valentine’s Jokes

scratch off valentine jokes

An Amazon’s Choice gift that is suitable for all ages. This funny Valentine’s day pack comes with 28 cleverly designed cards with real envelopes.


7. Space-tra-vaganza of Favors

space themed party favors

This space themed gift packet is literally out of this world! It comes with 12 slap bracelets, 12 outer space tattoo stickers, 12 bouncy luminous balls, 12 rocket gift bags, 12 helicopters flashlights keychains and 12pcs space pendant. To top that, the bouncy balls glow in the dark and the helicopters turn to a sophisticated flying machine when wound.

Price: $27.98

8. Zoo Animals with Greeting Cards

zoo animals with greeting cards

This gift exchange pack comes with 28 different cards and 14 different animals. It even comes with fancy twist-ties to secure the animal to each card after writing down the names.

Price: $16.95

9. Funny Face Masks with Envelopes

funny faces valentines cards

This 28 pack of funny faces with envelopes is my personal favorite. It is suitable for all ages and the faces can be turned into a mask with the dowels that come with each pack.

Price: $14.99

10. Silicon Wrist Bands in Heart Cases

silicon wrist bands in heart shaped cases

A 60pc value package that is an Amazon’s Choice for kids classroom exchange valentine’s day ideas. These are non-toxic soft stretchable silicon bands pre-filled into translucent plastic heart shells and also come with thick paper heart shape valentine’s cards.

Price: $13.95

11. Mini Construction Vehicles Toy Set

construction vehicle set with cards

This construction Vehicle Set includes 28 valentine’s cards with cute, humorous messages that uniquely match the mini vehicles. There are 7 designs of the truck set, includes excavator toy, pile rigger, front loader truck, forklift toy, road roller, dump truck, and cement mixer truck.

Price: $24.95

12. Valentine’s Day Cards with Sea Animals

valentines day cards with sea animals

This sea animal set includes 28 Valentine’s day cards and 28 sea animal toys. It comes in 7 designs and each design comes with a realistic sea animal and a funny unique punchline related to a pun of this animal.

Price: $21.95

13. Justice League Valentine’s Card with mailbox

justice league valentines card with mailbox

This cool Valentine’s Day card pack contains 32 perforated, tear-apart cards and one teacher card with fun designs featuring Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman, and Superman. It also comes with a mailbox that kids can place their cards in. Oh what fun!

Price: $9.99

14. Kid Power Bracelet

power bracelet with cards

These cards feature 3 different styles, each with a superhero comic design and a slap-on bracelet to match. Kids of all ages will love them!

Price: $5.99

15. Dinosaur Figures Filled Cards

plastic hearts with toy dinosaurs

This Valentine Day classroom Gift Exchange Set includes 28 translucent Valentine Red Hearts and Valentine cards with 4 designs and comes with 28 plastic dinosaur figures toys.

Price: $18.95

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