Relaxing Adult Songs to Put Baby to Sleep

A compilation of relaxing adult songs to put baby to sleep that aren’t your typical nighttime baby lullabies.

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If you’re getting tired of humming Brahm’s Lullaby or singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star repeatedly, then you’ll be surprised to know most babies like adult songs too. These adult music songs are perfect for any occasion which makes them a great way to introduce your baby to the wonderful world of relaxing music. As long as you stay away from hard rock or heavy metal music as a night time lullaby (if your baby doesn’t mind, I’m sure your neighbors will), you should be able to put your baby down for another relaxing night of sleep.

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Playlists To Put Baby To Sleep

These relaxing adult songs cover a wide range of genre from rock to pop. Whether they are YouTube lullabies, cover versions of originals or Spotify playlists, these are songs that parents will enjoy listening too as well. To create your own playlist, I would recommend subscribing to Amazon Music Unlimited which lets you play music from any device and also syncs seamlessly with Alexa.

Modern Songs To Play For Baby

Classic Oldies Songs To Play For Baby

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